Paradox Ethereal Magazine #10 DEC 2015 – FEB 2016

Free Download here: Paradox Ethereal Magazine issue 10

Paradox Ethereal Magazine #10 DEC 2015 – FEB 2016

Paradox Ethereal Magazine issue 10

(04) Editorial – melancholy


(07) Daniel Moncur Sime – England – Photographer interview
(25) Eugenio Sinatra – Italy – Photographer interview
(33) Julia Margaret Cameron – Photographer article by Mary Vareli
(41) Frank Dicksee – article by Mary Vareli
(50) Edward Gorey – Illustrator – article by Tania Santou


(58) Goblet d’Alviella – Caduceus and its origins – study
(66) William Butler Yeats – Regina, Regina, Pigmeorum, Veni (The Celtic Twilight)


(67) BJ Neblett – The man who wouldn’t die short story
(72) K.J. McPike – Hands – short story


(78) Panagiotis Dallas – Japan – commentary and photos


(84) Irfan – interview
(91) Hesperos – interview
(99) Verney 1826 – interview
(107) Catacombs of doom – interview
(112) At Sea Compilations Gift CDs for readers (download link here: )
(113) Radio shows – Die Seele, Paradox Ethereal Radio Show
(115) CD Reviews


(119) Films – 9 topics, 9 films each
(129) Haunted Tube – Ghost Hunting Team


(130) Roberta Sparrow – Once Upon a Time – Victorian Headless Portraits – photo array



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Paradox Ethereal Magazine – All rights reserved. You are not permitted to re-transmit, distribute or commercialize the material without obtaining prior written approval.
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Looking for serious submissions and columnists

Paradox Ethereal Magazine, issue 10, Dec 2015 – Feb 2016

A brand new issue of Paradox Ethereal is out, as always, a fruit οf imagination and collaboration, again accompanied with a double CD compilation Snowflakes IV, offered as a gift by At Sea Compilations, a trip to neoclassical and folk – ethereal music. The editorial of this rare kind of melancholy transcendentalists are prone to is accompanied by rural beauties shot by Daniel Moncur Sime and followed by Eugenio Sinatra’s B&W images, celebrating erotic female mysticism, in the most experimental way possible. Julia Margaret Cameron is next, combining legends with her art and giving way to Frank Dicksee’s journeys to history and legends and Edward Gorey’s Victorian and Edwardian obsessions.

Goblet d’Alviella touches the most ancient of the arts, revealing the origins of Caduceus and William Butler Yeats dives again in The Celtic Twilight. Wait, there are more, the respected writer BJ Neblett tells us about The man who wouldn’t die and K.J. McPike is following with a captivating short story about death and illusions that so far Poe had.

It is high time Panagiotis Dallas opened a tiny gap to secretly look at modern Japan and we are now ready for Irfan’s spiritual music, the dedication of the band Hesperos to Rossetti and his legacy, just to find ourselves walking in Catacombs of Doom and their haunting Lovecraftian tunes. More is following, with recommendations concerning some of the best music of 2015. Day Before Us is on top of our preferences, so stay tuned, Paradox Ethereal Radio Show on Die Seele Radio is waiting for you every Thursday. The issue ends with 9×9, nine topics, nine films on each; films you must not miss before you fly to imaginary realms, ending the issue with a humorous array of
charming Victorian fashion, headless portraits this time!!


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